Apr 11, 2015

Paa Annandalii - Altars [2015]

This massive release is actually 2 separate albums. I would be very surprised to find a better drone release than this for 2015.
Altars I is reminiscent of the Mohave Triangles sound. I instantly thought of Sky Limousine and Josh Burke as well. It is psych-drone done well. Very well.
Altars II begins in silence and builds like a Steve Roach piece. A slow build to some very warm swells, then before you become aware of it, it's gotten dark. The ending is loud and noisy and massive.

I really don't think I could talk up this album enough.
25 copy limited edition
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Paa Annandalii - Yen Pox [2015]

Robert Thompson is a friend that I have mentioned multiple times before. His previous projects Mohave Triangles and REALMS have been recognized as some of the best psych drone to come out of 2008-2010.
He is one half of Quartz Safari, who have released 2 tapes on Rotifer and Fadeaway, and plan on releasing a 3rd tape soon.
Paa Annandalii was birthed out of the death of Mohave Triangles, and his first release Transhumance brings back memories of feeling like I was traveling on a spaceship when I rode the late night train home.

Yen Pox was recorded in 2012, and is the first release on Robert's label Celestial Paths Ltd. 
The tape is an ultra low-fi 3rd generation recording of droning guitar and synth with an overlay of hypnotizing guitar doodles. Simplistic and patient, it is a definitive ambient piece. It doesn't demand my attention, and yet I find myself getting lost in the track without noticing.

25 copy limited edition
CPL 001
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Jan 28, 2015

Corax - Seidr [2014]

bass is strong
sound is dark


Troum & Yen Pox ‎– Mnemonic Induction [2002]

Please turn up the low end. Maximum volume yields maximum results


Gabriel Saloman ‎– Movement Building Vol. 1 [2014]


Peter Broderick + Gabriel Saloman ‎– s/t [2014]


William Ryan Fritch - Leave Me Like You Found Me [2014]

a new sound is hard to create in 2014
this album has a new sound


Karen Gwyer ‎– Kiki The Wormhole [2013]



Machinefabriek ‎– Dubbeltjes [2014]


Tomonari Nozaki ‎– Une Histoire De Bleu [2013]

perhaps the best ambient release since 2010


Polymer Slug ‎– Simple Displays Of Control [2010]


Machino - Codigos [2014]


Mark McGuire ‎– Get Me Out Of Here [2010]


Jannick Schou ‎– Act Of Shimmering [2011]


Jannick Schou ‎– Eldey [2013]


The Rita - Dark Angled Eyebrow [2013]


Crown Of Cerberus ‎– With Arms Extended To The Heavens


Dec 16, 2013

this year in vaporwave

premium tracks selected by a fan of all things groovy. with vaporwave it's important to take the music for what it usually is: taking something another person has made and slightly altering it to create magic. 

celebrate the music rather than the "musician." 

1- Eyeliner - Nespresso
2- Contact Lens - FREE THROW BOUQUET
3- Kodak Cameo - Casino Speedway
4- オウムのジャングルParrot Jungle 95 - College Crush
5- luxury elite - Mild Seven
7- Infinity Frequencies - As Darkness Falls
8- SAINT PEPSI - Pineapple Juniors
9- luxury elite - homebound
10- ECO VIRTUAL - Bermuda High
11- Wasted Nights - Girl (1986)
12- Young Muslim - New World Style


Nov 4, 2013


broken links from this years posts should be updated now. possible request list by the end of the year. if a link is broken and you would like it, let me know