Jun 11, 2010

Mohave Triangles / REALMS

Mohave Triangles is a project my friend Robert Thompson has been working on, and each tape he sends to me gets better. Harsh sawtooth drones mixed with warped vocals and static. Noisy and lulling at the same time, just a massive wall of sound. He also has more tranquil pieces, it's all great stuff in my opinion.

REALMS - Misc. Demos [2009-2010]

REALMS is a project with Robert accompanied by his friend Davis on drums. I don't have all of these releases, so I don't know which is which. I've just attached 4 assorted tracks from various demos.

Agua (17:16)

Tokyo (1:55)

Travels (2:15)


REALMS - Tehuantepec Demo [2010]

1: The Galapagos Islands (13:25)
2: Orbs (6:54)
3: Channeling (12:43)
4: Cosmic Swells of Conciousness (4:17)
5: Prehistoric Lands (5:53)
DOWNLOAD (Mediafire/mp3/320/94mb)

Mohave Triangles - Demos [2010]

Bedroom Synth Jam (2) (6:56)
Eternity Clouds (7:55)
Sabal Beaches (7:35)
Vision Quest 1935 (4:43)
DOWNLOAD (Mediafire/mp3/320/60mb)

Mohave Triangles - Astral Holograms [2010]

1: A (14:48)
2: B (14:57)


Andrew said...

How can I get ahold of these guys?

s said...

http://www.myspace.com/mohavetriangles or http://mohavetriangles.bandcamp.com/