Nov 19, 2008

Lustmord - Heresy [2004]

Lustmord is the kingpin of dark ambient music. He's been doing it since the 80's and since then his style has been emulated to death, such as many great artists. His music uses tones that are meant to inspire fear, and he goes to absurd lengths to make sure of it. One of my favorite things about him is his signature sound: a tibetan horn that sounds like a battle cry. Listening to lustmord can turn any room into the deepest pit of hell. Eeerie rumbles accompanied with wind that fill up the room around you.

1: Heresy Part I (7:26)
2: Heresy Part II (10:16)
3: Heresy Part III (16:04)
4: Heresy Part IV (6:35)
5: Heresy Part V (7:47)
6: Heresy Part VI (14:42)