Jan 10, 2009

Best of 08

Aidan Baker & Tim Hecker - Fantasma-Parastasie

Tim Hecker teamed up with Nadja's Aiden Baker to create an album that blew me away. Droning guitar through feedback loops that are textured and booming with sound. A giant mix of doom, drone, and ambience. If your soundsystem can handle it, remember that maximum volume yields maximum results \m/.

tracklist condensed
1: Phantom On A Pedestal (5:50)

2: Hymns To The Idea Of Night (5:19)
3: Auditory Spirits (3:45)
4: Skeleton Dance (3:02)
5: Gallery Of The Invisible Woman (7:19)
6: Dream Of The Nightmare (4:20)
7: Fantasma - Parastasie (4:51)
DOWNLOAD (Sendspace/mp3/320/76mb)