Feb 17, 2009

Raison d'être - The Empty Hollow Unfolds [2000]

Cold Meat Industry is pretty well known name to fans of dark music, especially ambient and industrial. Some people even use the labels name as a genre classification for the music. Raison d'être has been around for quite a bit, but I think this is his best one. Swedes and Norwegians always create some pretty gothic stuff, but this isn't overdone. Metal on metal, choral chants, field recordings, the works.

1: The Slow Ascent (5:40)
2: The Hidden Hollows (10:17)
3: End of a Cycle (7:54)
4: The Wasteland (9:28)
5: The Eternal Return and the Infinity Horizon (20:09)
DOWNLOAD (Sendspace/mp3/v0/89mb)

Feb 15, 2009