Jun 18, 2010


Oneohtrix Point Never - Heart of a Champion (just side A)

DOWNLOAD (Mediafire/mp3/256/18mb)

Aidan Baker - Broken & Remade

DOWNLOAD (Mediafire/mp3/v2/87mb)

Celer - Ariill

DOWNLOAD (Mediafire/mp3/192/91mb)

Celer - Cantus Libres

DOWNLOAD (Mediafire/mp3/v0/169mb)

Celer - Descender

DOWNLOAD (Mediafire/mp3/v0/143mb)

Celer - Fountain Glider

DOWNLOAD (Mediafire/mp3/320/100mb)

Celer - Poulaine

DOWNLOAD (Mediafire/mp3/320/92mb)

Yagya -
Rhythm of Snow

DOWNLOAD (Mediafire/mp3/v0/110mb)

Gareth Hardwick - Sunday Afternoon

DOWNLOAD (Mediafire/mp3/320/67mb)

Gareth Hardwick - Waiting for the Penny to Drop
DOWNLOAD (Mediafire/mp3/v0/81mb)

Gareth Hardwick - I Dream of Red

DOWNLOAD (Mediafire/mp3/256/32mb)

Nocturnal Emissions - Songs of Love and Revolution

DOWNLOAD (Mediafire/mp3/v0/84mb)

Nocturnal Emissions - Magnetized Light

DOWNLOAD (Mediafire/mp3/192(vbr)/81mb)

Nocturnal Emissions - Tharmuncrape An'goo

DOWNLOAD (Mediafire/mp3/256/97mb)

Nocturnal Emissions - The World is My Womb

DOWNLOAD (Mediafire/mp3/256/60mb)

Gregg Kowalsky - Tape Chants a Million

DOWNLOAD (Mediafire/mp3/192/44mb)

Splash - Slippery Beach / Trashed Gamelan

DOWNLOAD (Mediafire/mp3/128(vbr)/60mb)

Jun 17, 2010

James Ferraro - Marble Surf [2008]

Summer jamz

1: Memory Theater (19:13)
2: Surf Washing on Spring Marble (19:05)


Oneohtrix Point Never - Returnal [2010]

I didn't anticipate my request section to blow up like it has, and if I keep getting requests at this rate I may shut it down soon. I'll try and get all those up for you all in the next few days though.

In the mean time, check out this new release by OPN.

1: Nil Admirari (5:06)
2: Describing Bodies (4:19)
3: Stress Waves (5:53)
4: Returnal (4:44)
5: Pelham Island Road (7:37)
6: Where Does Time Go (6:25)
7: Ouroboros (2:04)
8: Preyouandi (6:12)

DOWNLOAD (Mediafire/mp3/320/95mb)