Nov 4, 2013


broken links from this years posts should be updated now. possible request list by the end of the year. if a link is broken and you would like it, let me know

Paul Jebanasam - Rites [2013]

one of the best releases of the year for me. a mixture of so many styles that I will need to stop typing before I make a fool of myself.

let's just say it's grim. it's noisy. it's good.

dl / buy [320]

Dark Matter Travelers - Lotus Birthing The Cosmos [2013]


Nov 3, 2013

Lucette Bourdin

RIP. An ambient god. Think Roach, think Budd. All her releases are available free in lossy/lossless, full detail, and reviews on These are just a few of my favorites.

Radiant Stars [2009] 


Silver Moon [2009]


Secret Pyramid - Distant Works I [2013]

An incredible release. Nothing flashy, just incredibly moving. I look forward to his future releases very much.

dl / buy cassette [320]