Nov 27, 2009

Best of 09

#14 Tomasz Bednarczyk - Let’s Make Better Mistakes Tomorrow

When I saw that Bednarczyk had a new release coming out on 12k I knew I was in store for some lovely stuff. The first four tracks are harmonic noise with cozy chords; the light, thoughtful kind of sound. From the the album seems to diverge, and each track has its own style. A huge standout track is 8, "So." It reminds me of something The Caretaker might do, with a windy distant sound and some faint tune you can't seem to pick out from the noise.

1: While (3:11)
2: Shimokita (3:30)
3: Drawing (5:22)
4: Raspberry Girl (5:19)
5: Autumn (4:47)
6: The Sketch (3:45)
7: Kyoto (3:36)
8: So (2:45)
9: Little Spring (6:37)
10: Night (4:10)