Aug 18, 2013

Sick Llama - Barf Box [2007]


Beter Traag Dan Nooit [Compilation, 2011]

A1 Vom Grill – Zit En Braaf
A2 Floris Vanhoof – A Layered Analysis Of Parallelograms' Pitch To Voltage
A3 La Danse Du Sperme – Le Desirable Et Le Sublime
A4 Edgar Wappenhalter – Stroom (Hendrik Marsman)
A5 Kosmische Keuterboeren – Fata Morgana's Op Solyaris
A6 JB Donaldo – The Eagle
A7 Cosmic Trip Machine – Mantra 7777
A8 Bear Bones Lay Low* – Lawrence In Newark
A9 Kohn* – Nevkha
A10 Kiss The Anus Of A Black Cat – Weltuntergangsstimmung
A11 Innercity – Untitled
A12 Sylvester Anfang II – Stoned
B1 Dolphins Into The Future – Ilha Da Culatra: Embracing The Outer Island Of Our Dyad, Commended By The Atlantic
B2 Eekhoorn X – Astronuts
B3 Etherik – Row Your Boat
B4 Shifter (3) – For Charly
B5 W. Ravenveer – Glazen Oog
B6 Acid Child – Untitled
B7 Ping Pong Tactics – Flash
B8 Ludo Mich / Maarten Tibos / Maximilliam I – Maxibots And Droidiots
B9 Huur Is Duur – Geen Titel
B10 Gangalai & Gourabai – Deux Departs
B11 Hellvete – Indiaans Blauw
B12 Gerard Herman – Sloow But Nice
B13 Witchbikers – Een Zwart Boeket
B14 Beez, The – A Thing Or Two

Heroin In Tahiti - Death Surf LP [2012]

">>in tahiti

>>slamming heroin"

best death surf out there
also the only death surf I have ever heard

dl [320]