Jan 1, 2010

Best of 09

#4 36 - Hypersona

Hypersona is the first installment by 36, number 1 in a 3 part series. This album is full of emotion, and whether it makes you happy or sad, it's sure to make you feel something. The sound is hard to pinpoint, but the best way I can explain it is some really dreamy, warm chillout music. Each track floats around with texture and windy static. Cozy stuff, my default album of 09.

1: Signal (1:32)
2: 2249 (2:54)
3: Inside (5:22)
4: Intercept (0:54)
5: The Box (4:55)
6: Nephyr (5:31)
7: Beacon (3:04)
8: Hypersona (5:46)
9: Juliet (3:04)
10: Dream Window (2:01)
11: Forever (5:27)
12: Untitled (0:50)

DOWNLOAD (3six/mp3/v2/65mb)

Dec 31, 2009

Best of 09

#5 Tim Hecker - An Imaginary Country

Hecker is back again with another massive monolith of an album. If I had to compare it to his other works, I'd say it's like Harmony in Ultravoilet with a more agressive textured sound. Heavy walls of sound mixed with calmer ambient pieces. This album has gotten me through many late night drives, pure bliss when played loud through some nice speakers.

1: 100 Years Ago (3:28)
2: Sea of Pulses (4:41)
3: The Inner Shore (4:17)
4: Pond Life (1:24)
5: Borderlands (4:46)
6: A Stop at the Chord Cascades (4:43)
7: Utropics (1:05)
8: Paragon Point (5:04)
9: Her Black Horizon (1:27)
10: Currents of Electrostasy (3:43)
11: Where Shadows Make Shadows (8:37)
12: 200 Years Ago (4:45)

DOWNLOAD (Mediafire/mp3/320/95mb)

Dec 29, 2009

Best of 09

#6 Gareth Hardwick - Aversions

I'm back from a very nice break, merry christmas to everyone. Hope it was excellent. I've had some serious trouble as to how I should finish this countdown. While I was making the list, I was still downloading new music, and if I had a chance to do it over it would look quite different. No matter though, I'll forge ahead and post the other notable albums when I'm done. This particular release has a strange back story, one that lead Library Tapes, Apalusa, Xela, John Simson,
Steinbr├╝chel, Strategy, Chris Herbert, and Machinefabriek to make guest appearances. Gareth Hardwick has big friends in the ambient industry, and his guitar-based drone is a perfect example of the Low Point sound (the label he runs). While working hard on his new release, a nasty hard drive failure left him with nothing to show. In a dash to release something, he sent out old doodles and samples to his friends, and what came out of it is an album of amazing remixes. Each track is Hardwick's sound accompanied by each artists signature sound. There are also 2 doodles he threw together, which tie up a very pleasing album.

1: Aversions (1:46)
2: Last Heights (Library Tapes Remix) (4:46)
3: David (Apalusa Remix) (11:49)
4: High Tension (Xela Remix) (6:06)
5: Interlude (Ft. John Simson) (1:53)
6: Carnations (
Steinbr├╝chel Remix) (9:04)
7: Last Heights (Strategy Remix) (5:13)
8: Dissolve (Chris Herbert Remix) (11:43)
9: Lost in the Memory (Machinefabriek Remix) (6:49)

DOWNLOAD (Mediafire/mp3/192/80mb)