Dec 1, 2008

Best of 08

Library Tapes - A Summer Beneath the Trees

This year hasn't been too exiting for the ambient genre, but I've come across a few hits. This particular release often leaves me confused from track to track. Many tracks are accompanied by a violin, giving off a dreary orchestral sound (much like Esmerine/Set Fire to Flames). Other tracks are doodles on the piano, showing influences from Max Richter and the early ambient Eno recordings. Fans of Hammock and Windy & Carl would definitely follow this album well because it has a really droned out dramatic tone.

1: The Sound Of Emptiness Part 1 (1:30)
2: Pieces Of Us Were Left On The Tracks... (7:22)
3: Above The Flood (3:55)
4: A Summer Beneath The Trees (2:39)
5: The Fragile Tide (2:38)
6: The Modest Triumph (4:06)
7: The Sound Of Emptiness Part 2 (1:35)
8: The Rivers Turned To Cobblestone (3:19)
9: ...And The Rain Did Fall (10:49)
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