Dec 16, 2013

this year in vaporwave

premium tracks selected by a fan of all things groovy. with vaporwave it's important to take the music for what it usually is: taking something another person has made and slightly altering it to create magic. 

celebrate the music rather than the "musician." 

1- Eyeliner - Nespresso
2- Contact Lens - FREE THROW BOUQUET
3- Kodak Cameo - Casino Speedway
4- オウムのジャングルParrot Jungle 95 - College Crush
5- luxury elite - Mild Seven
7- Infinity Frequencies - As Darkness Falls
8- SAINT PEPSI - Pineapple Juniors
9- luxury elite - homebound
10- ECO VIRTUAL - Bermuda High
11- Wasted Nights - Girl (1986)
12- Young Muslim - New World Style


Nov 4, 2013


broken links from this years posts should be updated now. possible request list by the end of the year. if a link is broken and you would like it, let me know

Paul Jebanasam - Rites [2013]

one of the best releases of the year for me. a mixture of so many styles that I will need to stop typing before I make a fool of myself.

let's just say it's grim. it's noisy. it's good.

dl / buy [320]

Dark Matter Travelers - Lotus Birthing The Cosmos [2013]


Nov 3, 2013

Lucette Bourdin

RIP. An ambient god. Think Roach, think Budd. All her releases are available free in lossy/lossless, full detail, and reviews on These are just a few of my favorites.

Radiant Stars [2009] 


Silver Moon [2009]


Secret Pyramid - Distant Works I [2013]

An incredible release. Nothing flashy, just incredibly moving. I look forward to his future releases very much.

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Oct 13, 2013

Henrik Nordvargr Björkk ‎– Sleep Therapy [2011 reissue]

an 8 hour release of dark ambient that would give lustmord nightmares. incredibly subtle and atmospheric (aside from tuesday's BC which runs heavy on bass) .



Sep 20, 2013

Dream Safari - Buried Mics [2009]

2009 golden age of drone
imagine a swarm of angry bees slowed down 1000 times

dl [aac/lc]

Aug 26, 2013

Paa Annandalii - Transhumance [2013]

Another project from Robert Thompson (Mohave Triangles, Quartz Safari, REALMS). This guy blows me away with everything he does. Some other-worldly quality. Some of the absolute best music of it's type I've ever heard. Keep a look out for this cassette on his up and coming label, which I expect huge things from.

dl / buy [v0]

Quartz Safari - Quartz Safari [2013]

Two good buddies. Incredible warm drones that are more complex than they may first appear. 

"Quartz Safari is an experimental ambient collaboration between Robert Thompson (USA) and Sepehr Lemar Nabi (Norway). The duo released their explorative debut tape release “Pineal Origins” (Rotifer Cassettes) in 2011, before their self-titled album was released on the Fadeaway Tapes label in 2013. More info/streaming/downloads at"

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Aug 18, 2013

Sick Llama - Barf Box [2007]


Beter Traag Dan Nooit [Compilation, 2011]

A1 Vom Grill – Zit En Braaf
A2 Floris Vanhoof – A Layered Analysis Of Parallelograms' Pitch To Voltage
A3 La Danse Du Sperme – Le Desirable Et Le Sublime
A4 Edgar Wappenhalter – Stroom (Hendrik Marsman)
A5 Kosmische Keuterboeren – Fata Morgana's Op Solyaris
A6 JB Donaldo – The Eagle
A7 Cosmic Trip Machine – Mantra 7777
A8 Bear Bones Lay Low* – Lawrence In Newark
A9 Kohn* – Nevkha
A10 Kiss The Anus Of A Black Cat – Weltuntergangsstimmung
A11 Innercity – Untitled
A12 Sylvester Anfang II – Stoned
B1 Dolphins Into The Future – Ilha Da Culatra: Embracing The Outer Island Of Our Dyad, Commended By The Atlantic
B2 Eekhoorn X – Astronuts
B3 Etherik – Row Your Boat
B4 Shifter (3) – For Charly
B5 W. Ravenveer – Glazen Oog
B6 Acid Child – Untitled
B7 Ping Pong Tactics – Flash
B8 Ludo Mich / Maarten Tibos / Maximilliam I – Maxibots And Droidiots
B9 Huur Is Duur – Geen Titel
B10 Gangalai & Gourabai – Deux Departs
B11 Hellvete – Indiaans Blauw
B12 Gerard Herman – Sloow But Nice
B13 Witchbikers – Een Zwart Boeket
B14 Beez, The – A Thing Or Two

Heroin In Tahiti - Death Surf LP [2012]

">>in tahiti

>>slamming heroin"

best death surf out there
also the only death surf I have ever heard

dl [320]

Aug 16, 2013


Watching The Prescribed Burn [2013]

 true drone. peaceful. beautiful.

dl [320] / buy

Dead Leaves Crumble [2013]

dl [v0] / buy

support Hakobune. Incredible, prolific artist.

1958-2009 - II [2010]


dl [v0]

Aaron Dilloway

Boggs Vol. Two [2005]

dl [192]

Siena [2013]

dl / dl [v0]

Quiet Evenings / Sundrips ‎– Split [2013]

fadeaway tapes release. follow them. support them.

dlbuy [320]

Jefre Cantu-Ledesma - Gift of Tongues [2013]

noisy. dark. distant. droned the fuck out

dl / buy [320]

Josh Burke - Absorbent Lens [2009]

drone for the gods

dl [v0]

JK Flesh / Prurient - Worship is the Cleansing of the Imagination [2013]

jk flesh tracks are larger than you can imagine

dl / buy [v0]

Black Swan - Redemption [2013]

pretentious. extravagant. atmospheric. good.

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Chuck Person's Eccojams Vol. 1 [2010]

be real
father of vaporwave (ecco > eco)
thank you chuck person

dl [256]

1991 - High-Tech High-Life [2012]

Initial reaction: "where the fuck did this come from and why didn't anyone tell me about it"

close to perfection. and I'm pretty sure this came from space

dl [320]

36 - Shadow Play [2013]

He's still got it. 

dl / buy [320]

Julia Kent - Character [2013]

cello + melancholy. 

dl [320]