Aug 26, 2013

Paa Annandalii - Transhumance [2013]

Another project from Robert Thompson (Mohave Triangles, Quartz Safari, REALMS). This guy blows me away with everything he does. Some other-worldly quality. Some of the absolute best music of it's type I've ever heard. Keep a look out for this cassette on his up and coming label, which I expect huge things from.

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Quartz Safari - Quartz Safari [2013]

Two good buddies. Incredible warm drones that are more complex than they may first appear. 

"Quartz Safari is an experimental ambient collaboration between Robert Thompson (USA) and Sepehr Lemar Nabi (Norway). The duo released their explorative debut tape release “Pineal Origins” (Rotifer Cassettes) in 2011, before their self-titled album was released on the Fadeaway Tapes label in 2013. More info/streaming/downloads at"

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